Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012


¬†First things first, turning my server into a virtual host using Virual Box ontop of Ubuntu Server 12.04.1 LTS turned out to go a different path…Read it.


Once upon a time…

IT started as a hobby, probably for the most IT professionals out there. Many years have gone by as an IT professional now. Primarily experiencing the Windows evolution starting from the very first Windows version and even continuing today with every new version released.
At some point it is time to experience something new, face new challenges.
A while ago I desided Linux was going to be the challenge for me, the reason why is a whole different story.

Whilst taking this learning curve and as oblivious as I can be from time to time I thought I’d better document things as I go. Possitive side effect is to share knowledge by blogging so hopefully this is useful to more people.

I will be updating this blog over time when new experiences hit me so feel free to visit back regularly.

Very new to both blogging and Linux so bear with me here….anyways feel free to post comments at any time !